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The ultimate in luxury, style and performance.

Advanced engineering and a legacy of design

Affordable luxury, enjoyment and performance.

The ultimate in hydrotherapy and underwater fitness.

The ultimate hybrid of fitness and fun.

The place to work out OR relax and have fun.

The perfect mini pool for you and your family.

Have fun while you work out.

Water that's not just pure, it's UltraPURE.

Easy-to-use features. Sit back and relax.

Easy-to-use controls. Sit back and relax.

Sustainable building and design.

A legacy of design and innovation.

Shell Colors

Architectural Trim Colors

Spa Cover Colors

See the Color Chart

Seats: 2-3


Dimensions: 83" x 66" x 30"


Jets: 18


Inside this cozy spa lies a powerful hydrotherapy machine. It comfortably seats three and features semi-contoured, multi-level seating next to the head-to-toe therapy of the UltraLounge™ complete with a patented Jet Therapy pillow to target aching shoulder muscles. Let the Serenade lull you into a state of peace every evening.


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is a factory installed option that is available exclusively on the @Home Collection. ClearZONE ® PRO is D1’s new standard water purification system for the @Home Collection that creates 47% cleaner water than the original ClearZone ® system.

The Jet Therapy Pillow™ provides you with the only adjustable neck and shoulder massage system in the industry. With multiple positions to choose from, you can get a full-featured massage that adjusts to you. The Jet Therapy pillow also features four powerful jets placed in a curved, padded head cradle for ergonomic support.

D1 activates the power of water with the UltraLounge™ — the “spa-within-a-spa” massage seat that delivers head-to-toe massage action, washing away tensions and providing the ultimate in whole-body hydrotherapy. Its no-float design includes sculpted leg contours for superior fit and Tactile Therapy for wrists and hands.

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Good work and excellent service. Derek Lester was very professional and explained everything to me.


Comments regarding how likely customer is to refer shop: Great, efficient and courteous.

Comments regarding how likely customer is to refer shop:

Rocky River

Person (Tony M.) who handled the beginning and ending of my involvement with totalrepair was very personable and made the experience comfortable.



I have frequent eye injections and laser due to diabetic-related eye disease. Pleaseforgive me for the delayed response. Matt and his staff were wonderful, professionaland compassionate to me. I am grateful for their time and services!



Comments regarding how likely customer is to refer shop: Your team is awesome. Always answer the phone, always helpful. The workmanshipon repair was is incredible. Above and beyond in my opinion with how we experiencecustomer service normally these days. I highly recommend to people I know.

Customer Comments: Thank you for an all star experience. You made a difficult time much easier to handle.

Customer Comments:

North Ridgeville

Your team is awesome. Always answer the phone, always helpful. The workmanshipon repair was is incredible. Above and beyond in my opinion with how we experiencecustomer service normally these days. I highly recommend to people I know.

Thank you for an all star experience. You made a difficult time much easier to handle.

North RIdgeville

Very polite and clear.



Comments regarding how likely customer is to refer shop: I definitely and most certainly will suggest this shop! Customer Comments: Perfect to me!

I definitely and most certainly will suggest this shop! Perfect to me!


Great customer service and did great job on repairing my car. They made this accidenteasier to deal with concerning the whole process and transactions with the otherinsurance. Went very smoothly.


Alternative Title:

Degenerate art , (German: Entartete Kunst) term used by the air jordan 3 powder blue price philippines gold ESkBR
in Germany to describe art that did not support the ideals of National Socialism . It was also the title of a propagandistically designed exhibition of modern art held in Munich in 1937.

With Hitler’s rise to power in 1933, the systematic suppression of contemporary art quickly spread throughout Germany. Sanctions were created to forbid the exhibition and even the creation of any contemporary art not approved by the Nazi Party; such work was labeled, along with the artists who created it, as “degenerate.” In 1933 this art began to be displayed in defamatory exhibits intended to disparage modern art, and to link the Jewish race with the decline of German art.

The culmination of these exhibits was “Entartete Kunst,” which opened in Munich in July 1937 and was advertised as “culture documents of the decadent work of Bolsheviks and Jews.” The works on exhibit included only a small segment of the almost 16,000 works of modern art confiscated from German museums on the orders of Joseph Goebbels , the minister of propaganda . So-called degenerate works by Pablo Picasso , Wassily Kandinsky , Ernst Ludwig Kirchner , Emile Nolde , and other major artists of the 20th century were displayed with paintings by psychotic patients and were subjected to vicious ridicule by the press and the German people, who attended in vast numbers. This exhibit was designed to contrast with a simultaneous exhibition of art approved by Nazi leaders made up of works executed in an academic style and dealing with typical Nazi themes of heroism and duty. After showing in Munich, “Entartete Kunst” toured to other German cities. In 1939 many of the confiscated works were auctioned in Lucerne, Switzerland, or sold abroad to finance the Nazi Party; the rest are believed to have been burned in Berlin .

fascism: Revolutionary image

…called it simply the “Exhibition of Degenerate Art.” Fascism’s claims to newness did not prevent its propagandists from pandering to fearful traditionalists who associated cultural modernism with secular humanism, feminism, sexual license, and the destruction of the Christian family.

The collection of papers of Baroness Thatcher deposited at Churchill Archives Centre, Cambridge, is among the largest and most significant of late twentieth century political archives.

The archive contains over 1 million documents in nearly three thousand archive boxes currently occupying around 300 metres of shelving. The papers date from Margaret Thatcher's childhood to the end of her life, and include tens of thousands of photographs, as well as a vast collection of press cuttings, and many audio and video tapes of public and private events. Thatcher never kept a diary, but the archive includes rich details of her role in important domestic and world events.

The Churchill Archives Centre and Margaret Thatcher Archive Trust are currently arranging to digitise all of Margaret Thatcher's personal and political papers files from her earliest years up to the end of her premiership, comprising around a million pages of documents.

When the material is ready for release, many of these documents will be placed online at the official website of the nike air max 90 womens 2016 ncaa tournament
, which already offers massive online resources.

The archive includes files of correspondence relating to Thatcher's selection as candidate for Dartford in 1949, her short backbench career, briefing papers from her posts in opposition 1964-70, a few files from her time as Education Secretary 1970-74, and valuable papers on her campaign for the party leadership in 1974-75. Her appointment diaries survive from 1962 onwards, providing a very full record of the way she spent her time.

The bulk of the collection, however, relates to Thatcher's period as leader of the Conservative Party, 1975-90. There are extensive files from her time as Leader of the Opposition (1975-79), including correspondence with Shadow Cabinet colleagues, minutes of Shadow Cabinet and policy committees, and briefing material of all kinds. There are also thousands of speech drafts, press releases and administrative files (e.g., planning for election visits).

Papers on the premiership (1979-90) are more extensive still. Their organisation reflects the way in which Number Ten Downing Street arranged Prime Ministerial business, sharply distinguishing official from party and personal matters. Most of the official archive remains in government hands, while party and personal material can be found at Churchill College.

The papers include an extensive press cutting collection covering the years 1949-80 in over 70 boxes. Originally compiled by Conservative Central Office, it is one of the most comprehensive collections ever attempted, drawing on every national and many regional newspapers.

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