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IOTA has been making news in recent days. Following the successful launch of its data marketplace in November , its token value has risen dramatically — a 400 percent increase, in fact.

And today, the IOTA Foundation announced that air jordan 11 low bred size 14
(RBVC) — the corporate venture capital company of the Bosch Group — has purchased a significant number of IOTA tokens. Dr. Hongquan Jiang, partner at RBVC, will also join the IOTA Foundation’s advisory board.

The move is a strategic one for RBVC as it looks to the future of the Internet of Things (IoT).

IOTA is the first distributed ledger technology (DLT) to go beyond a blockchain — it enables machines to securely transact data and money with each other for a micro fee. Imagine a car that, from sensor data, retrieves information from Bosch about a malfunctioningcar part. This isn’t a pipe dream. IOTA technology has already enabled more than $10 billion in transactions and is being used for feeless micropayment-based electric vehicle charging, parking, and more.

All of thatmakes IOTA a smart choice to invest in for IoT applications, but the cryptocurrency is also in its infancy. Why choose to invest now, and is IOTA the right choice?

“RBVC is, of course, also evaluating and working with other DLTs,”DrJiang said. “Choosing IOTA as the first investment is based on the fact that we have been working with IOTA for quite some time and are very impressed by the founding teamand the IOTA community. And IOTA has the potential to solve some fundamental problems in the DLT for IoT, namely the scalability and transaction cost issues. The IOTA technology is still at an early stage. However, this could become a big breakthrough for the IoT industry if it is getting more mature in the future.”

So what does the future of IoT look like in a world that is fast being disrupted by blockchain and DLT technologies?

“The purpose of IoT is it to largely automate and optimize the systems that surround us, making our lives more frictionless, efficient, and secure,”Dominik Schiener, cofounder at the IOTA Foundation, told VentureBeat. “Over the next five years, a larger portion of our infrastructure will become connected and automated, with smart devices, sensors, and actuators creating truly intelligent and distributed networks. There are still some challenges to resolve when it comes to security, but exactly here [is where] distributed ledgers could be a key enabler for new security applications.”

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Jund al-Islam | جند الإسلام

Location: Jund al-Islam has claimed at least two attacks in North Sinai. It is unclear whether the group has had a presence outside the Sinai Peninsula.


Characteristics: In its first attack, the group employed rocket-propelled grenades and two vehicles loaded with explosives. Currently, little is known about the group.


Recent leadership: Unknown

Recent leadership:

Background: Jund al-Islam was widely unknown before 2011. However, reports indicate that Jund al-Islam conducted a military show on the day of Osama bin Laden’s death in May of that year. Two yearslater, on September 11, 2013, Jund al-Islam reportedly claimed alarge attack on a military intelligence facility in Rafah.


Jund al-Islam had no other known activity until October 2017. On November 11, the group released a recorded statement claiming responsibility for an attack in North Sinai a month before. That attack targeted members of Wilayat Sinai, whom Jund al-Islam branded “apostates.” The voice recording called on members of Wilayat Sinai to “leave the group and stop killing Muslims.” Following a Wilayat Sinai-claimed attack on truck drivers carried out days later, Jund al-Islam released a statement condemning the attack.

Ideology: In Jund al-Islam’s first claim of responsibility, the group denounced the Egyptian military as traitors to Islam and them responsible for crimes committedin the interest of “the Jews.” Although this statement was, at that time, the only official Jund al-Islam proclamation, the timing of the aforementioned military show and the attack on the intelligence facility suggested loyalty to al-Qaeda.


Jund al-Islam’s recent statements express the group’s vitriol for members of the Islamic State, mirroring regional hostility between groups aligned with al-Qaeda and those aligned with the Islamic State. In an audio recording released on November 11, 2017, the group said of Wilayat Sinai: “The [Abu Bakr al-] Baghdadi-led khawarij [a derogatory term for rebels or dissidents] were irrefutably proven to have repeatedly assaulted Muslims in Sinai and laid siege to Gaza. A group of them were found infiltrating the camps of your Jund al-Islam brothers more than once, carrying small arms and lights weapons, with the intention of attacking them.”

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9,000 articles and counting


Stanford University School of Medicine blog

We’ve partnered with Inspire , a company that builds and manages online support communities for patients and caregivers, to launch a patient-focused series here on Scope. Once a month, patients affected by serious and often rare diseases share their unique stories; the latest comes from retired nurse Joan Jahnke.

After 2 ½ years of seeking a definitive diagnosis for my heart disorder, my physician of 14 years told me, "You have been insistent, persistent and consistent each time you presented." She smiled at me as she said this, and I accepted this compliment as a job well done.

I had been diagnosed with cardiac endothelium dysfunction .Iconsidered thediagnosis atriumph of some sort:Standard tests don't always identify the disease, and Ihad gone onquite the journey toidentify the source of my problems.

From the beginning, Ihad stayed focusedon my heart symptoms. When various specialists insisted on blaming other organs (gall bladder, uterus, lungs) for my chest pain, I was insistent that they were off target. As a cardiac nurse, I knew that the mounting conflicting test results were confusing, but I felt confident my heart was the issue.After all, Iknew myself far better than anyone else could.

Within weeks of my symptom onset, I read an interview with Dr. George Sopko, a cardiologist at the National Institutes of Health, who said, "Women, pay attention to your heart symptoms." And so, I did that. I began a very succinct journal documenting the timing, duration and quality of chest pain I was experiencing, and I alsoincluded what I did to relieve the symptoms. It presented a cause-and-effect pattern with details that supplemented my memory.

I persisted in my search for a definitive diagnosis for my symptoms. My sources were not anecdotal stories from Internet blogs, but instead were scientific papers funded by medical universities and research institutions. I copied medical articles, whose content and format would be most familiar to physicians. I sought out the opinions of medical friends and colleagues,and I approached my researchfrom the perspective of a student - notthat ofanemotionally distraught woman whose quality of life was rapidly failing.

I remained consistent in my approach. Mindful of how time-consuming difficult diagnoses can be, I came prepared for appointments. Ibrought with me my ever-present journal, previously prepared questions and medical articles. Many times, my husband would serve as my note-taker, which allowed me to listen closely and concentrate on getting my questions and comments addressed. I offered options for my physicians to consider. I was wrong many times, but never was I rebuffed.

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