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Doing research to improve the lives of children and youth, since 1979

We monitor and examine more than 120 indicators of children's well-being

A a searchable database of over 700 evaluated programs serving children and youth, and research based on those evaluations

How can we help you?

Knowledge to improve policies, programs, and practices

A national knowledge center providing insight on U.S. Latino children and families

Child Maltreatment/Child Welfare , Early Childhood , nike blazer sb paul brown

Ph.D., Developmental Psychology, University of Minnesota

Kathryn Tout is co-director for Early Childhood Development and a senior research scientist at Child Trends. Kathryn is a developmental scientist who investigates how policies and innovations in early care and education can promote program quality, effective teaching and the well-being of young children and their families. She conducts research and evaluation to understand and identify best practices in Quality Rating and Improvement Systems (QRIS), professional development for early childhood educators, early childhood curriculum and assessment, and family engagement in early care and education settings. She directs projects from Child Trends’ Minnesota office but works across the nation with a variety of local, state and federal partners.

At the federal level, Kathryn co-directs Child Trends’ Child Care and Early Education Policy and Research Analysis contract with the Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation (OPRE) in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Under this contract, Kathryn leads the Quality Initiatives Research and Evaluation Consortium (INQUIRE) which brings together researchers, policymakers and practitioners to identify critical issues in the field of quality improvement and develop guidance and tools on best practices and evaluation strategies. At the state and local levels, Kathryn directs QRIS evaluations and validation studies in Minnesota, New Mexico, Vermont and Kentucky. Kathryn also directs an evaluation of the Success by Six initiative in Philadelphia and the Reading by Third Grade initiative in the Twin Cities. As a co-Principal Investigator for a child care research partnership in Minnesota and Maryland, Kathryn studied early care and education choices, continuity and quality from the perspective of low-income parents. In each of her projects, Kathryn has developed strong, collaborative relationships with state administrators, program developers, implementation teams, researchers and other stakeholders to ensure that the research is policy-relevant and applicable to decision-making.

The collection of papers of Baroness Thatcher deposited at Churchill Archives Centre, Cambridge, is among the largest and most significant of late twentieth century political archives.

The archive contains over 1 million documents in nearly three thousand archive boxes currently occupying around 300 metres of shelving. The papers date from Margaret Thatcher's childhood to the end of her life, and include tens of thousands of photographs, as well as a vast collection of press cuttings, and many audio and video tapes of public and private events. Thatcher never kept a diary, but the archive includes rich details of her role in important domestic and world events.

The Churchill Archives Centre and Margaret Thatcher Archive Trust are currently arranging to digitise all of Margaret Thatcher's personal and political papers files from her earliest years up to the end of her premiership, comprising around a million pages of documents.

When the material is ready for release, many of these documents will be placed online at the official website of the new balance 420 black and white suede trainers ladies
, which already offers massive online resources.

The archive includes files of correspondence relating to Thatcher's selection as candidate for Dartford in 1949, her short backbench career, briefing papers from her posts in opposition 1964-70, a few files from her time as Education Secretary 1970-74, and valuable papers on her campaign for the party leadership in 1974-75. Her appointment diaries survive from 1962 onwards, providing a very full record of the way she spent her time.

The bulk of the collection, however, relates to Thatcher's period as leader of the Conservative Party, 1975-90. There are extensive files from her time as Leader of the Opposition (1975-79), including correspondence with Shadow Cabinet colleagues, minutes of Shadow Cabinet and policy committees, and briefing material of all kinds. There are also thousands of speech drafts, press releases and administrative files (e.g., planning for election visits).

Papers on the premiership (1979-90) are more extensive still. Their organisation reflects the way in which Number Ten Downing Street arranged Prime Ministerial business, sharply distinguishing official from party and personal matters. Most of the official archive remains in government hands, while party and personal material can be found at Churchill College.

The papers include an extensive press cutting collection covering the years 1949-80 in over 70 boxes. Originally compiled by Conservative Central Office, it is one of the most comprehensive collections ever attempted, drawing on every national and many regional newspapers.

“Andrea Clearfield is to be thanked for daring to “disturb the universe.” – Victor Schermer in “All About Jazz”

“All About Jazz”

“I believe that we connect through the global language of arts.” – Andrea Clearfield

Winner 2006 Citypaper Choice Awards: Most Creative Way to Spend a Sunday

“For 20 years, contemporary classical pianist-composer Andrea Clearfield has hosted performance salons that throw open the door to artistic possibility. Her gatherings for musicians, composers, poets, dancers and choreographers are not only vibrant recitals, they’re critical sessions for sound explorers, archivists and adventurers tuned into a different cosmic station.”

Watch the TV spot on the Salon on WHYY: footlocker air jordan 6 unc for sale

“Andrea Clearfield’s home-based Salon has been creating community through music for 20 years. This monthly performance and concert series started with friends invited by the musician/composer host and then expanded to a free email subscription service. Clearfield organizes the evening to achieve a warm, engaging concert experience featuring original compositions, jazz, electronic, improvisation, folk, experimental, poetry, dance, world music, and time-honored classical chamber music and opera. As to the performers, Clearfield says, ‘People want to come to a place where they can be really free to express themselves from the heart’.

Watch some Salon performances: Perseverence Jazz Band Jocelyn E. Isaac, dancer Nu Directions Chamber Brass Svitanya Eastern European Women’s Ensemble nike free oreo flyknit free
Sonata for Cello and Piano, Andrew Rudin, composer

Read in the Jerusalem Report “Center City Salonista” by Matt Nesvisky, October 3, 2006

Read in the Philadelphia City Paper Artists in Residence: You never know what you’ll hear in Andrea Clearfield’s living room. By Scott Robinson, October 15, 1998

Salon poster created by Joel Metzger

25 Year Salon Poster created by Antonia Cianfrani

Antonia Cianfrani

25 Year Salon Poster created by nike air force 1 mid nba supreme mLnYv

25 Year Salon Collage created by John Gross

10 Year Anniversary Salon Poster. Photos by Richard Marcus

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