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Supporters of the Crittenden Compromise believed it would reassure the seceded Southern states that they could remain in the Union with assurances that slavery would never be hampered by the federal government. While the proposal garnered support among representatives of Southern and border states, Republicans, including President-elect Abraham Lincoln , strongly opposed its proslavery elements.

These resolutions from the Missouri convention, however, supported the Crittenden solution. One of the resolutions stated, "there exists no adequate cause why Missouri should secede from the Union and that she will do all that she can to restore peace to the same by satisfactory compromise." Further, it held that the Constitutional union was permanent, that the federal Constitution was the "supreme law of the land and not a mere compact," and that there was no provision for states to leave the Union legally. These resolutions did uphold the concept that a revolution could be justifiable in theory, but that "in the opinion of this Convention no overt act has been committed by the General Government sufficient to justify either secession, nullification or revolution." Finally, the representatives to the convention overwhelmingly agreed in their opposition to acts of war from either side.

One poignant resolution from the batch summarized the spirit of the Missouri convention: "Resolved That we have the best government in the world and intend to keep it." By a vote of 98-1 among the representatives to the convention, Missouri became the only state to call up a convention to consider secession without actually following through with secession.

Missouri's hopes of remaining neutral proved totally unworkable as the nation careened toward Civil War. After Fort Sumter its secessionist Governor Claiborne Fox Jackson resisted President Lincoln's call to raise soldiers against the Confederacy and went so far as to raise the Missouri Volunteer Militia and later the Missouri State Guard (MSG) in defense of secessionist interests. Federal military leaders could not tolerate secessionist militias organizing within Missouri's borders, and after they instigated the disastrous " Camp Jackson Affair " in May, chaussures running nike free 50 femme jaune de chrome
. Jackson, the MSG, and a number of likeminded state representatives abandoned Jefferson City and formed a government-in-exile as violence between the two sides escalated into full scale war with the battles of Boonville , Wilson's Creek , and Lexington in the summer of 1861.

Learn about the causes and complications of strep throat infections, rheumatic fever, rheumatic heart disease.

Information for people and family members recently diagnosed or living with RF or RHD

Information about preventing RHD through socioeconomic development, early diagnosis and novel research.

Information for health workers, clinicians and specialists caring for people with RF and RHD.

Information for Governments and policy makers can contribute to control of RF and RHD through programs and policy.

Meet the organisations, countries and country partners working together to end RHD

The major cause of death and disability from RHD is heart failure. Over time, scarred and damaged heart valves make it impossible for the heart to pump blood effectively. Without a well-functioning heart, fluid builds up in the lungs and body, causing symptoms like breathlessness, swelling and fatigue. These symptoms tend to become worse over time without treatment.

A ‘stroke’ occurs when a part of the brain does not receive adequate blood supply.

Strokes can be from clot which blocks a blood vessel (ischemic) or from a burst blood vessel (hemorrhagic). People with RHD are at risk of ischemic stroke because of blood clots which can form in the heart and subsequently block blood flow to parts of the brain.

Some people living with RHD need to take ‘blood thinning’ medication ( anticoagulation ) to reduce the risk of stroke.

Atrial fibrillation (AF) is an abnormal heart rhythm. People with RHD are at risk of AF because heart valve damage changes the shape of the heart and increased the risk of AF. AF tends to make heart failure worse, increasing shortness of breath, and may cause palpitations. AF also significantly increases the risk of stroke.

Infective endocarditis (IE) is a bacterial infection on the valves of the heart. Valves that are already scarred or damaged by RHD are more likely to have IE than undamaged valves.

People with IE have fevers and the heart may be unable to pump blood effectively. It can be difficult to diagnose IE and, even when IE can be diagnosed, antibiotic treatment may be ineffective.

Minimising the risk of IE is an important part of managing RHD. The bacteria that cause IE tend to come from the mouth, so good dental hygiene is an important way to minimize risk. Giving prophylactic antibiotics before dental work and some other procedures is standard in many countries.

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