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nike roshe run american flag pride custom
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Office of the Special Trustee for American Indians (OST)


During the Jam weekend, Marc Fonteijn from the Service Design Show will go LIVE talking to Jam hosts from all over the world. Tune in Friday/Saturday/Sunday 08:00pm GMT+1 to watch live or rewatch the episodes on YouTube later:

The Global Service Jam is around halfway through, and although some wonderful Jams have already left us, many are still building up their activities. At locations on six continents, first-timers and experts are getting out on the street to find real problems with real people. Then these "Jammers" move quickly past ideas to build interactve prototypes – challenging their assumptions and learning as they go.

If you can't be at one of the Jam sites all over the world but still want to enjoy the buzz, follow the amazing action on our authentic air jordan fusions
,or the hashtag #GSJam.

The world's biggest event for #servicedesign #designthinking #innovation and more has started, with Jammers in Dubai being the first to learn the Secret Theme and start 48 hours of creation – street research, rapid ideation, and instant prototyping of new services under a motto of "Doing, not talking!" They will be joined this weekend by a wide variety of people from all over the world, Jamming together on six continents!If you will be joining a Jam in one of our JamCities today or tomorrow, we wish you a wonderful Jam! If you can't be there in person, follow the amazing buzz on our nike air max 90 ultra breeze

It's just a few days to the Jam, and we are still welcoming new locations (Yes, you can still add a location to the Jam! Read our babies nike air max trainers 2018
or the to find out more).

Soon Hosts will be opening doors, Jammers will be arriving, meeting each other, seeing the Secret Theme,finding problems to address, signing up teams on Planet Jam, hitting the streets to research, generating ideas, building prototypes, andsharing them with the world... At the same time, they will be learning news skills, making new friends, finding new collaborators and having a great weekend! Because #thisiswhywejam!

See you there! :) Or if you can't make it, follow the Jam on social media with the hashtag nike free 30 v5 damen sneakers schwarz turkish weißenfels

We are now ready to accept Jam locations for the 2018 Global Service Jam, taking place on the 9-11 March in most countries.

Hosting a Jam is very rewarding. It will bring you into contact with amazing people, teach you a lot and is great fun! If you want to Host a Jam, just click the FAQ button above, read the section HOST A JAM and follow the instructions there. If you are an experienced Host, just drop us a mail at [email protected] .

They will want to know that everything is going OK - all the time, every day . Ironically this makes you do your job worse as you end up doing more meetings and calls than, you know, whatever you were hired to do.

The best defence is offence - don’t wait for you client to start pulling their hair. Anticipate their questions and offer to arrange regular status checks. nike free run 3 footlocker uk sale
gave us this simple strategy - promise your client a regular status check email every week. Then keep sending it every week until the project’s done. The client will be a little bit more at ease, and you'll have fewer interruptions.

A popular solution for consultants is billing meeting time (and even phone calls) - emerald green nike air max 2013
, and let them talk. Remember that speaking is silver, but listening is green and crisp and looks like Andrew Jackson.

They crash in through the door, shoving a proposal in your face - it’s on fire. They need a website and they needed it yesterday - if possible, by last weekend. You do work on weekends, don't you?

Mr. Urgent could be trying to squeeze more work out of you in fewer hours, but it’s more likely that they simply suck at planning - so it’s super important that you don’t.

Taking on a client who demands unreasonable results with impossible deadlines, you’ll risk compromising the work you do for your other clients.

You need to have a great understanding of your team’s capacity to work. Know how long it takes them to do things and it’ll be easier to spot tricky deals. When you do spot one, either turn it down, or if you really need the client, bring out your charts and show them - in no uncertain terms - exactly how many hours of work they are asking for.

And always remember that poor planning on their part does not constitute an emergency response on yours.

You sign the deal, shake hands and get up to show the client out. Instead of leaving, they take your seat at the desk, roll up their sleeves and say "oh man, I can't wait to learn Photoshop!"

It's like that guy who goes to the mechanic saying: "Yeah, I did some bodywork on my own," which is why their Mercedes looks like a Fiat Panda had a love child with the neighbourhood tractor.

The worst thing about working with a "hands on" client is that it absolutely destroys productivity. Designers and developers make countless micro-decisions every hour. It's second nature stuff that stems from their experience. Explaining why green text won't work on a bright orange background is like explaining why looking directly into the sun is bad (these two are actually the same thing).

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